Advice for caitlin

Hey guys it’s Orla. Well today is the last day for advice so if you have any problems tell us now because you’re more likely to get your question answered today, though if you do come across a problem another day then you can post it on the latest post.

Anyway time for caitlin’s story and advice. Well caitlin said she’s really shy and has no friends and scared that she’ll never ever get friends and people will pick on her.

Have no fear, caitlin, Orla is here!!!!!

Ok so you need to make a list of the nice girls in your class you’d like to be friends with. If there’s a group of really nice girls ask if you want to play with them, or maybe there is another girl that is shy but really nice with no friends who you could become best friends with. Basically if they are nice and you’re nice to them you should have friends. And you won’t get picked on don’t worry 🙂 hope i helped xxxx


One thought on “Advice for caitlin

  1. Casey

    Hey my name is Casey I’ve been looking for somewhere I can ask for advice and I found your advice here and I thought this was a good place to post it as you’re advice is really really really good.

    So my problem is all of my friends are having sleepovers for their birthday and I really like that but I want to have a swimming party more than that but if swimming didn’t exist I would totally go for sleepovers. I just don’t want my friends to think I’m weird ! Please help me because I want to enjoy my own birthday and I want my friends to enjoy it too. Thank u Orla and Ellie I’m really thankful u guys are here to help xxxx casey xxxxx



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