Advice for Megan (Selena Gomez No 1 Fan!)

Hey it’s Orla again. Here’s some advice for Megan. 🙂

What Megan said:

Hey I need some advice I really want an iPhone 6 for Christmas but I don’t want to ask for one incase it is considered spoiled because I got a brand new iphone 5 last week is that spoiled please tell me thanks. Megan xxxx

Orla’s advice:

Well, you DID just get your iPhone 5 last week and if it’s working fine, I don’t think you really need an iPhone 6 to be honest. Maybe all your friends are getting iPhone 6s for Christmas, but do you really need one? I mean like is your mum really going to say yes? It might be ok if you asked for it next year, but I think your iPhone 5 is fine. You’re actually a really lucky girl, Megan!! 😀 Some people have NOTHING! Please remember don’t purposely damage your phone in order to be allowed to get an iPhone 6. You’ll probably end up with no phone in the end as most mums wouldn’t trust you with an iPhone 6 if you can’t look after a pretty much brand new phone. Hope I helped, Megan xxxxxxxxx


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