Advice to Mia <3

Hi guys it’s Orla! 🙂 well I just saw a comment from Mia ❤ on my sleepover problem post so this post is answering Mia's question!! 😀

Mia said basically her BFF moved away to France and they both don't have a phone and they want to stay in touch so here's some advice Mia.

Hi Mia <3! Well thank you first of all for saying our Texting, Calling, Skyping or FaceTiming post was good, we really appreciate it. 🙂 ok well if you are allowed to be pen pals then you can do that or you can email so you can send eCards and stuff. Hope I helped Mia. 😀


One thought on “Advice to Mia <3

  1. caitlin

    Hi this is caitlin. I’m really shy and i can’t seem to make friends I am really sad please help me.i’m scared I’ll never have any friends and i’ll get picked on.thank you.



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