Casey’s Party Problem Advice

Hi guys it’s Orla again. Just a quick announcement to start off – i will probably be answering most if not all off the advice you need because she’s at her friend Natalya’s for a sleepover 🙂 she’ll be back tomorrow don’t worry!

Right so basically all of Casey’s friends are having sleepover party but she wants to have a swimming party though she doesn’t want her friends to think she’s weird. Casey loves sleepovers too and she says if swimming wasn’t an option it would definitely be sleepovers.

Orla’s advice:

Hi Casey! First of all thank you so much for saying our advice is really good 😀 I totally understand what you mean when you say you want to have a fun birthday but you want your friends to enjoy it too 😀 if you’re allowed to then have a swimming party with only your friends then have a sleepover with them afterwards. Hope your party goes well whatever you do 🙂


One thought on “Casey’s Party Problem Advice

  1. deniselovesmakeup444

    Hi good advice . Lucky casey getting her question answered because that’s what I really need right now. I can’t trust my friend anymore she already told her other friend my biggest ever secret I have a crush on jamie !!! seriously I really need help i have secrets I need to tell people well someone I can trust and not my parents because they already know . i need someone I can trust I have no other friends Chelsea was my only friend but now I don’t like her any more she’s mean and no I can’t make up with her because she’s not worth anything ! im really upset plz help me plz plz plz plz from a really sad and upset girl called Denise x x x x x x x x x x



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