Texting, Calling, Skyping or FaceTiming

Hey guys it’s Orla. This is just a quick post saying that if you miss you’re friend because she moved away you could text her, call her, Skype her or FaceTime her because I come across lots of people with this problem. If you had this problem then I hope I helped!! 🙂

Orla xoxo


One thought on “Texting, Calling, Skyping or FaceTiming

  1. Emily Loves Monkeys

    Hi Ellie and Orla I need advice my friend doesn’t like me because i didn’t invite her to my sleepover but I was only allowed to invite 2 people and I invited my two BFFS from another school and she’s been to my sleepover loads of times.what do I do I’m really upset. Thank you



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