Advice for Lily

Hi this is Orla . I got an email from Lily and she’s upset because she’s not allowed a sleepover. This time it’s OPEN ADVICE TIME!!!! You guys give advice to Lily!! 😀 xxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Advice for Lily

  1. !!!SamAndCatLover!!!

    hey i know the perfect solution . when your friends at your house write a note saying your friend texted her mum and she said it’s alright if she stays overnight so say it’s all decided she has to stay because that’s what arrangements your mum said was happening . also tell your mum her parents were going out that night because your friends staying over ! perfect solution xxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. sarah awesome girl

    Hey Lily right so just invite her over for a sleepover then when your mum says time to take let’s just call her Emma well time to take Emma home then just say oh we Emma’s mum said Emma needs to stay over because Emma’s parents are going out ! Get Emma to text her mum and say she’s staying over!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck



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