Advice for Sarah

Hey it’s Ellie today I’m giving sarah help she said

Hi it’s Sarah my a boy in my class just asked me out but this boy has just broke up with my best friend 

My advice is Well just tell him that he is horrible that if he dosent like your best friend he ain’t worth it



One thought on “Advice for Sarah

  1. xxxCrazyForeverxxx

    Hi it’s me xxxCrazyForeverxxx, you can call me Olivia. First of all thanks for the shoutout!!šŸ’ž I really need help my best friend likes a boy in my class called Nathan but he sent me a Valentine’s card and some chocolate roses and signed his name on the card. I don’t want to tell my best friend Erica because I don’t want her to be upset and also I don’t like Nathan so this is just going to make Erica devastated!! I want to always be Erica’s best friend because she is the most kindest, funniest, lovely girl I’ve ever met. I can’t get help from anyone else in the class because it’s only me who knows that erica likes Nathan and I’ve kept her secret so long I can’t break it. Oops I just did…well I can trust you girls ;)Please help! If I tell her she will be so so so so sad and she may be jealous which would break our hearts šŸ’” pleeeeeease help thank you so much if you can! I love your blog, Orla and Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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