About our blog!

Hello everyone! 🙂 First of all, thank you very much for stopping by 😀 I am Orla, and this is my best friend Ellie and I’s blog. We post on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Basically we just post stuff like what we’ve been up to together, advice (more information below), and just random stuff! Ellie and I are best friends and we hope to remain them forever and ever. Ellie is amazing, she is really kind and always there for me. She is, to be honest, the most cheerful person I’ve ever met! 😀 We have had SO many laughs and actually have never fallen out. Huge shoutout to you, Els, love you!!! 💕 

                                                                             Advice Information

Needing advice? You can stop searching now, because you have arrived at your destination! 💁 If you need help with ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, just comment it down below on our latest blog post and soon enough you’ll have some (hopefully) good advice by either Ellie or I. By the way, Ellie is OBSESSED with Minecraft, and she is usually too ‘busy’ to post. You are unbelievable sometimes, Ellie 😂 You rock! So please do not be afraid to post your problems, talking (or typing, in this case 😆) always make you feel much better. Though remember, if you don’t want to talk to us about it, you MUST tell a trusted adult straight away. I hope our advice will help you 😉

So that’s it I think 😜 I hope you enjoy our blog, if there’s any (appropriate) questions, go ahead and ask. Thank you again for reading our blog! 👍 

Orla xxx


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