Advice for Samantha

Hi everyone – it’s Orla. Today I am giving Samantha some advice. Here’s what she said: 

Hi orla and ellie. You have no idea how thankful I am this blog is back!!! I have a problem and I would be so happy if u could help. So basically my best friend found out I love Michael Jacksons music and we have this club called ‘Samantha and Lily’s Best Friend Pop Music Club!’ and she says she is so annoyed that I like michael Jacksons music and she thought she could trust me but not it my fault I like his music? It’s just so good and I love pop music too but I can’t help but song along to all his songs and have his posters!!!!!!!! What shall I do please please please help I can’t bear to lose my best friend OR Michael Jacksons music 😦

Orla’s advice: 

Hi Samantha! First of all, I want to say, I’m really sorry you’re in this situation. It’s definitely not a nice one. I think you should explain to your best friend that even though you like Michael Jackson, you still love pop music. Your friend’s reaction shows how much she cared about that club and your friendship with each other, so she is probably just a little surprised about you liking Michael Jackson (by the way it’s totally normal to like him and what I mean is maybe she never thought you liked his sort of music). Be nice when explaining and everything should work out okay. Hope I helped! xxx


Get to know Orla!

Hi everyone it’s Orla and I’m letting you know more about me!! 🙂 here we go 😀

My favourite meals are spaghetti bolognese and lasagne
My best friend is Ellie
I love playing Just Dance on my Wii
My favourite sports are cycling and swimming
I’m an only child
I love orange juice and I love having hot chocolate as a treat
I love Toxic Waste though I hate the sour part XD
I love writing stories and not boasting but I’m not bad at it 🙂
I’m learning to play clarsach (a smaller Scottish harp)
My favourite singer is Katy Perry
I get crazy when I’m with my friends
I think Ellie’s new kitten Blaze is adorable

and last but not least…

I love blogging and I thank everyone so so so much who reads our blog!! 🙂
Bye xxxxxxx

Get to know me

Hey guys some of you have been messaging me because u want to know more about me and orla well I will tell you about me and orla will be doing one of these too (orla you don’t have a choice)

My fave dessert is ice cream.
My favourite video game is Minecraft.
I have a pet kitten named Blaze and he is 14 weeks.
I have a brother named Angus who is 13 nearly 14
My favourite hobby is dancing.

Now some random facts.

I want to be and actress when I grow up.
I can’t eat meat because I’m vegetarian.
I have a BFF named Orla.
And I love doing these blogs.

Thankyou for reading this if you did and Orla’s should be uploaded soon byeeeeeeee.

Advice For daisy-may (Ice cream kittens)

Hello it’s Orla and today we are giving daisy-may advice because her little sister annoys her a lot 🙂

Well, daisy-may, I’m an only child and Ellie only has an older brother so we don’t really have any experience but I found this online . Hopefully it will help you. Good luck! 😀 xx

Advice for Melissa

Hey guys ellie time for some advice and today it is for Melissa remember you can send her some advice to.

ok so Melissa says my friend never got into choir and she is so upset now her dreams of becoming a famous popstar crushed and will never happen.what can I do to cheer her up.

tell her just because she didnt get in dosent mean she can’t be a signer tell her to keep following her dreams because you don’t know what could happen.

remember if you need advice come to us thanks for reading byeeeeeeee

i say you tell her just because she didnt get into choir dosent mean she should give up.